The Magical Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has long been touted as one of the healthiest drinks on the planet. It was first steeped thousands of years ago, and ever since, it’s been used for both medicinal purposes and for its good taste.

But you might be wondering – how can something like a tea leaf really be that good for you?


3 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Green Tea

It’s no secret that green tea benefits the body. It’s chock-full of antioxidants, it’s said to lower cholesterol, and this green goodness can soothe an upset stomach. There are a host of other pluses as well!

Here are three benefits that might surprise you about green tea:

  1. Green tea may improve your brain function. This is, in part, due to the caffeine levels. While green tea contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee, it has enough in it to give you a boost without the jittery edge. Caffeine is known to improve mood, reaction time, and memory. Green tea also has the amino acid L-theanine, which can lower anxiety and increase dopamine (the feel-good hormone).
  2. Green tea can bust bad breath. Green tea contains a rich amount of catechins, which are compounds that benefit your oral care. The catechins in green tea can slow down the growth of oral bacteria and reduce your risk of having bad breath. So, instead of popping a mouthful of Tic Tacs before your next date, reach for a cup of green tea instead.
  3. Green tea can relieve inflammation. Experts now believe that inflammation is at the root of most chronic diseases. Green tea is particularly rich in polyphenols, which help relieve that inflammation. Some inflammation-driven chronic diseases that green tea can help with include arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.

So, what happens if you don’t like the taste of green tea?

Creative Ways to Make Green Tea Tasty

If you’re not a fan of the unique flavor of green tea, it’s okay! For some, it can come across as a little bitter. But don’t give up on this miracle tea just yet. If you’re one who struggles with the bitterness, here are a couple of workarounds to still get you those benefits:

Choose a different type. Did you know that there are seven kinds of green tea? If you don’t like one variety, give another a whirl. For example, Sencha green tea is the most common and well-known green tea. But if it tastes too bitter, try Hojicha. It’s a variety that’s known for its savory aroma and is gentle enough for those sensitive to caffeine.

Try flavored green teas. Green tea is also sold with added fruits and flowers, which help mask the bitterness. So, if green tea is too much for your taste buds, try out mango peach green tea or strawberry pineapple green tea.

Mix it in other foods. If you’re not a big green tea drinker, you can still get the health benefits in other ways. Try adding in a cup of brewed green tea or a spoonful of matcha powder to your morning smoothie.


The Green Miracle Drink

There’s a reason green tea has been around for millennia. And it seems that the more you drink, the more your health can benefit. With all the different ways you can consume it, it becomes simply too good to pass up. So, where you can, consider adding green tea to your daily health routine. And if you’re struggling with other inflammatory symptoms that you need some help with, make an appointment to come on in and see us!

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