Nutrition Response Testing


If you are like most people who come to us for help, it’s likely you have experienced one or more of the following:

• You have health conditions that have become chronic.
• You have tried conventional medicine or even alternative physicians and did not get the results you hoped for.
• Your condition is impacting your personal life, relationships, career/job performance, and/or your personal finances.
• You know these ailments are not getting better and will probably continue to worsen unless you do something about it.

If you are ready to demand improvement and to put yourself back in charge of your health, then you have come to the right
place. If you are a Nutrition Response Testing case and follow my recommendations, you can restore your health.

What is Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body in order to determine the underlying causes of ill health. These underlying causes can be corrected through safe, natural, nutritional means, allowing the body to repair itself in order to attain and maintain optimum health.

Nutrition Response Testing is scientific. If I were to analyze you using Nutrition Response Testing without explanation, you might find it strange, or simply not believable. It is probably very different from anything you may have experienced. I can understand this because when I initially saw this type of work being done, no one was more skeptical than I was. As a result, I studied Nutrition Response Testing extensively. The outcome of this in-depth study has helped me to significantly improve my health and the health of many of my patients.

If you want to get healthy and stay well, it is important that you understand what Nutrition Response Testing is; otherwise, you are likely not to follow through with my recommendations. Follow-through is essential to achieving wellness.

What Makes this Approach Unique

In a conventional medical setting, there are two key parts: the diagnosis (identifying and/or naming the “disease” or syndrome) and the treatment (drugs, surgery, etc.).

Nutrition Response Testing has a two-part approach as well. Our two-part approach is first - the analysis (we assess your body’s current health status) and second - your personalized health improvement program using Designed Clinical Nutrition. I design a natural health improvement program to help you handle what we find in our analysis of your body and your condition.

First – the Analysis

Interestingly, the human anatomy has not changed significantly in thousands of years.

The analysis is done through testing the body’s nervous system. Nutrition Response Testing analyzes different areas of the outer body that relate to your health, function, and flow of energy to your organs. The role of these organs and areas are measurable and precise.

Consider this: Each area that gives a response represents a specific organ, tissue, or function, it indicates the effect that energy, or the lack of energy, is having on the body. We use a system of monitoring your body which has proven to be extremely accurate in helping to identify exactly what your body needs and how well you are meeting those needs. We can predict, with certainty, what is needed and wanted by your body to get you to the point of improved health. I verify at each visit your improvement and the possibility of new areas of concern.

How Do We Do the Nutrition Response Testing Analysis

For example: If I were to hook you up to an electro-cardiograph machine and take a reading, that would make perfect sense to
you, right? What is actually happening during this procedure? Electrical energy from the heart is running over the wires. This electrical energy makes the electrocardiograph record the energy pattern in the form of a graph or chart. I could then study this graph and tell you the results.

Here is what I do with Nutrition Response Testing: I will contact areas with my own hand, the other hand will test the muscles of your extended arm. If the organ or area being contacted is “active” the nervous system will respond by reducing energy to the extended arm, and the arm will weaken and drop. This drop signifies underlying stress or dysfunction, which can be affecting your health.

Second – Your Personalized Health Improvement Program Using Designed Clinical Nutrition

In medicine, the doctor makes a diagnosis and then uses drugs to attack or suppress the symptom, or surgery to remove the offending organ or malfunctioning part. Nutrition Response Testing uses Designed Clinical Nutrition to correct the cause of the problem so that the body can regain the ability to correct itself.

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